Career Opportunities

Make the most out of your career- You are allowed to fall, stand up, learn and grow more.


We bring passion, dedication, excitement & fun to our work everyday

Digitech is a place where we work, enjoy, learn, innovate and create something new and exciting everyday. We are free to ideate, share unique ideas and try out new things which make Digitechians truly different from others. We are people who love those crazy ideas and who thrive in creativity, always open to experimentation and innovation looking on possibilities to change the world.

We feel inspired, we feel proud, we do brainstorming & sometimes we also make mistakes but most importantly we learn from them & grow for better. Everyday something new is going on- there is always something new to learn at Digitech. The result is some of the best-loved work you get to do.

Rather than doing volumes of work, we believe in exclusively working on exciting products because qualitative work is more essential for us than quantitative work. We strive to take upon opportunities which are truly different, unique and creative, that’s how we do things at Digitech and that is the reason why you would be doing the best work of your life.

Why Digitech?

Hot Jobs

Exciting opportunities to do the best work of your life


Gain Real world work experience that will last you a lifetime.

We love to get inspired from people who thrive in passion to do something completely new. We have laid great opportunities for students willing to have an hands on experience of working on variety of tech ideas. In Digitech, you will working with fantastic people always ready to teach new things in right way.

As we will both get to know each other, we would love to work with you as a Digitechian. Hopefully, our relationship with you will provide meaning to what you have studied so far. Working with community of creative people with rebel spirits putting their best efforts on truly inspiring and exciting stuff is the best you can get at the start of your career.

Campus Placements

We’re always in search of young talented minds who can keep the innovation up.

We are on a constant lookout for students who are talented, creative and passionate about doing something really impactful in their life. As you know, such people need a right opportunity at the right time to shine bright. Therefore, together, you and us can provide that chance to such talents through our campus placements in your college. Lets collaborate and give the much deserved opportunity to those budding minds who can add value to this world.


Do you have the same on your mind?

Why should I join Digitech?
If you have passion for technology and desire to do something impactful, then Digitech is the place for you.

What is the difference between Digitech and others?
We are run by ideas not by formulas. You are allowed to make mistakes to learn better, take risks, experiment and come up with crazy ideas. Thats how we are different.

What if i didn't find the opportunity i am looking for, posted in your career profile?
You can still apply to work with us. We are always on the lookout for passionate talented people apply now.

What if i don't hear from you after i have applied for the opportunity?
Keep calm and please allow us two to three weeks to take decision on your application. Still you didn’t hear from us, then it might be possible that presently we have no job-openings for your career profile.

How to get ready for the face to face interaction?
Just come with an open mind. Make sure you have a days time when you come for an interview. There would be extended conversations with our teams and seniors as we would love to know you better.

What difference will Digitech make in my life?
In Digitech, you will be working on exciting & breakthrough tech stuff.